The iSkins miShare is a gadget that lets you transfer files between iPods.

Comparing playlists is fast becoming a national pastime - looking through someone’s iPod is almost as compelling as nosing round a rich person’s house. With the iSkins miShare you can go further - it lets you transfer files between iPods.

Ordinarily, you’d need to have a computer to transfer files, and even then it’s a bit of a hassle (not to mention morally questionable). But with the iSkins miShare you can do this on the spot by connecting two iPods together and directly transferring music, photos and videos straight from one iPod to the other.

The iSkins miShare is the size of a matchbox. It has a dock connector on each end - one labelled ‘source’, the other labelled ‘target’. Attach the miShare to two iPods, slide its on switch to music, video or photo, and press the button in the centre of miShare. From the source iPod you can copy the song or video that was last played, or a pre-defined photo folder. It takes about 10 seconds to transfer a song, and about 30-seconds for a video.

Note that if the target iPod is set to automatically synchronise with iTunes, you will need to drag the files from the iSkins miShare Music or miShare Videos folder on the iPod's disk area into iTunes before syncing with iTunes.

We found that the iSkins miShare wouldn’t work with older iPods – you need a third-generation or more recent model that has a colour screen. It doesn’t currently work with the iPhone or iPod touch either, although miShare says it’s working on a software update that will fix this issue.

Those limitations aside, the iSkins miShare works well and is extremely easy to use. There’s a simple switch that lets you specify whether you want to transfer music, photos or video files, and you then initiate the transfer by pressing the button on the front of the unit.

One quick press transfers the most recently played file, while pressing and holding the button for a few seconds transfers the full contents of the iPod’s ‘On The Go’ playlist.

While iSkins miShare claims to honour digital rights management (DRM), including purchases from Apple's iTunes, we wonder whether sharing music in this way is entirely legal.


If you want to quickly transfer files between iPods then the iSkins miShare does the trick with ease. Our only complaint is that the £60 price tag seems a bit steep. It’s certainly convenient, but at this price it’s more of a luxury than a ‘must-have’ iPod accessory.