The market is already awash with products that offer support for USB devices. Iomega enters the fray with the iOmega ScreenPlay TV Link, a device that lets you plug and play your media files on your TV without the need for a player or a PC.

The size of a deck of cards, weighing just 99.9g, the black half-metal, and half-plastic body of the Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link tightly packs all the essential ports (component, composite, HDMI and USB) at the back.

The Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link draws power from the ac adaptor and plays audio and video files that include MP3, WAV, WMA, AC3, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 (Avi/ Divx/Xvid). It also reads JPEG photos.

Using the HDMI or component outputs, the user can choose video settings from 480p/720p/1080i though 720p and 1080i are only supported in up scaled formats. The Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link supports N or fat32 file systems and Iomega REV USB drive. The package bundles all necessary cables apart from the all important HDMI cable.

Our 500GB Seagate FreeAgent Go and 32GB Kingston Data traveler worked perfectly with the Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link. Once plugged in, its simple interface pulled up all the contents quickly. However, we wish the player's interface was more polished as browsing a long list of files was painful and there is no option for search or page up or down functionality.

Playing our DVD ripped videos, audios and photos was a hassle free experience. We liked the VOB playback feature with all the original menu structures retained. The up scaling 480i/480p or 576p feature did a commendable job especially on our 40-inch Philips HDTV. The absence of true HD playback was a downer and so was the missing video format support.


The portable design and the simplistic approach to playing off the USB device makes it a viable option. If it played full HD and supported more formats, the Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link would surely grab more attention.