When it comes to listening to the radio two things really bug us; adverts every two songs and far too much inane DJ chatter. So we were thrilled when we heard about Intempo's latest device which records FM radio station and automatically removes the adverts and chat, leaving you with just uninterrupted music.

Available in black or metallic red, the Rebel looks very sleek and stylish with a blue LED screen that displays the radio station frequency, time or track numbers in MP3 mode. Playing mode, volume, track up and down and tuning buttons are located on the top of the rebel.

According to Intempo, the Rebel is technophobe-friendly and you don't even need to switch on a PC to enjoy its benefits. We found that it was indeed very easy to use.

To get going, the Rebel needs to 'learn' your favourite station so simply programme it in and then leave it going. As the Rebel records at zero volume, it can be left on and allow you to do something else without being disturbed by the noise.
After 12 hours it starts to record the station, which it stores on its internal memory. According to Intempo the rebel can hold up to 40 tracks. When its memory is full it starts replacing tracks.

We tuned it to a commercial London station and after 14 hours or so, we switched to MP3 mode (accessed by simply pressing the button on the top of the device) where we found over 30 tracks, all minus the usual chit-chat and adverts. With a couple of exceptions where DJs had spoken over the tracks, almost all of the songs recorded were in full.

If anything, the Rebel's only downside is the fact that turning it off will wipe the memory so you'll lose all your MP3 files and will need to set the machine up for another 12-hour learning period before it can record songs again. However the SD/MMC card slot or the USB port on the top on the Rebel allows you to transfer the MP3 files to your PC. Simply plug the card into the slot, and watch as it transfers the files (the number completed will be display on the screen). Alternatively Intempo also offers a quick way to transfer the MP3 files direct to your iPod. The rebel comes bundled with a CD which contains 99 empty files. Simply import these files onto your iPod from your iTunes library. Connect your iPod directly to the Rebel and the empty files are replaced with the recorded music and stored in an 'on the go' playlist. We found this a quick and simple process, ideal for putting tracks direct to our iPod.


If you love radio but hate the DJ drivel and the ads then the rebel is ideal for you. Its direct iPod link just adds to its value.