The Intempo iDAB is a handy widget that lets you listen to digital radio on the go through your iPod. And not only that, but if you've got an iPod docking speaker it'll also plug into that and give you DAB out loud too.

The Intempo iDAB is a matchbox-sized box with a iPod docker sticking out of the top and a hole in the bottom for plugging it into an iPod dock. To get DAB on the move, you just plug it into your iPod. It works most reliably if the iPod is powered down when you connect the iDAB to the docking port.

Your headphone cable actually acts as the DAB aerial, with mixed results. You often won't get a reception unless you hold your headphone cable upright. Some stations in some locations are absolutely fine. You can store up to 10 preset stations on the Intempo iDAB, and it's relatively easy to set and recall them.

It's not the most elegant of gadgets - you have to start playing music on your iPod before the thing will work, then when the DAB kicks in your iPod contines playing silently in the background, which is a bit odd. The Intempo iDAB also looks flimsy dangling off the iPod's docking port - attaching something so small to the docking port and taking it out with you might be asking for trouble. It'll also drain your iPod's battery very quickly - listening time on a 3G nano is just four hours.

However, as an add-on to your iPod Hi-Fi, the Intempo iDAB works really well. Dock it, turn on the speakers, and the iDAB powers on automatically. You then use the rather small buttons to tune to a DAB station.\


The Intempo iDAB is a bit hit and miss, but it does add some cool functionality to your iPod. The two-way docking set-up also works well.