Dualit is well known as the maker of expensive but stylish and manually functional toasters. Bet you didn’t know it also makes digital radios…

Its latest, the DAB Lite, even looks a bit like its toaster cousins (especially the Dualit Lite), and so sits nicely as a posh radio for the discerning kitchen. The Lite is available in three colours – shiny chrome, black and cream - but not red or glacier blue.

(Dualit also makes a DAB Kitchen Radio, for £150, which has more advanced features such as stereo & optical output and an AUX IN for use with other music devices, as well as being larger and weightier.)

The DAB Lite includes an FM player, with ten digital and ten FM pre-set stations. The Kitchen Radio features just five presets for each. Its 16x two-line LCD display is generous in size.

At this price I’d expect some more advanced functionality, like pausing and rewinding, but I suspect the target audience is keener on simplicity.

You get a standard alarm clock with snooze, and also an egg timer (just like the Kitchen Radio).

It is powered either by mains or battery, although it needs to be connected to mains use the time, date and alarm functions. You can charge rechargeable batteries within the radio itself, which saves having to buy a separate unit.

The roomy mono sound quality is excellent – especially on the crystal-clear DAB stations, of course.

Yes, the Dualit Lite is stylish, when sat next to a complementary toaster, and will appeal to many. But I have a problem with the majority of DAB radios, which mostly try for the retro and wood-effect look.

The opposite end of the DAB style spectrum features devices that look like from Blakes 7 - so equally retro in a tired space-age kind of way. I’m still waiting for a decent DAB radio with understated cool looks, but I’m pretty sure Apple isn’t into radios right now.


DAB radio is perfect for the home, with crystal-clear sound when positioned correctly. And the simple-to-use Dualit DAB Lite is the perfect complement to modern-ish homes, especially in the kitchen next to one of its sibling appliances. It doesn’t come cheap - unless compared to its big brother, the Dualit DAB Kitchen Radio – but its not a ridiculous price to pay for adding some complementary style to your kitchen.