If you've upgraded your old 60GB/80GB Apple iPod video (5G) or newer iPod classic for Apple's new iPod classic then you should try it in your old case before going out to buy a new one.

While it is thinner than previous iPods (those with hard drives, not the nano or shuffle - duh!) it has pretty much the same height and width measurements. It's even the same (on paper) as the even older pre-video iPods (2G Touchwheel, 3G Clickwheel, and 4G color). And it's only 2.5mm longer than the original 5GB/10GB/20GB touchwheel iPod.

So it may well fit your existing case, with a little squeezing here and there.

But if a case is taking all that the battering and scratching away from the iPod, it's likely to be looking a bit beaten up itself by now. So is it time to treat yourself to a new one?

There aren't too many cases specifically for the new 120GB iPod classic, but remember that any for the 80GB/160GB iPod classic should work just as well. (Indeed it's exactly the same height/width/depth as the previous 80GB classic.)

Belkin has several iPod classic cases.

The Belkin Remix for iPod classic features a clear acrylic back with lightweight metallic front in either black, silver, blue or pink.

It offers access to all the ports and hold switch while protecting the case. The clickwheel is also protected with a plastic cover. Neatly, the central OK button clicks in - Belkin calls this level of prophylactic sensitivity "True Sense". The screen is protected from scratches and rain by a layer of hard clear plastic.

The plastic covering the clickwheel does offer ultimate protection from scratchy dusty dangers, and the squashy centre button is a nice touch. The clickwheel's scrolling is inevitably slowed down, however.


The Remix Metal offers excellent iPod protection, without weighing down the iPod greatly. No functionality is stopped but clickwheel scrolling is more sticky. At £25 it isn't cheap, and it's a shame there's no belt-clip option. But if you fear your lovely new iPod getting scratched or damaged out in the open air, it's a smart method of protection that retains the iPod's good looks.