Tiscali TV offers terrestrial and digital TV channels, as well as movies and on-demand TV shows, to customers of its broadband and telephone packages.

The Tiscali TV service costs £5 a month more than the standard Tiscali broadband and phone subscription. A set-top box provides access to the TV programmes and films. For your £20-a-month broadband bundle you can access all free-to-air digital channels, plus extras such as Sky 1, 2 and 3 and Paramount Comedy. All of these can be paused, rewound or recorded to the set-top box, which can store up to 50 hours of content.

Tiscali also offers an on-demand content service, allowing users to choose from hundreds of programmes from the likes of Disney, Warner Bros and HBO. Shows include Lost and Desperate Housewives. There are 11 music-video channels and three on-demand subscription services.

Each on-demand Tiscali TV add-on service costs £6 per month, although the ability to catch up with Channel 4 and BBC channels is available to all consumers free of charge. There's also the chance to add channels such as Sky Sports and Setanta.

Tiscali TV customers can also access Tiscali Movies, which offers more than 1,600 films, new and old, from just £1.99. The films expire after 24 hours but can be watched as many times as you like until then.

The service can be password-protected to ensure that only suitable content can be accessed. While Tiscali TV isn't broadcasting any high-definition (HD) content, the set-top box is HD-compatible. Tiscali says it plans to offer HD content in the future.


The Tiscali TV service must be installed by an engineer for a one-off payment of £30, but is a great option if you intend to watch a lot of on-demand TV.