Some music fans enjoy live recordings more than studio versions of songs. LiveDownloads affords users the opportunity to listen to and download concert recordings from artists such as the Smashing Pumpkins and the Black Crowes.

Though geared more toward fans of the ‘jam band' genre, LiveDownloads also offers some indie, metal and jazz selections in its catalogue of 100,000 songs. It carries a few studio albums, too.

Single tracks are usually 65p each on LiveDownloads; albums and entire-concert prices are determined by format and length. One gem we found was a selection of jazz and Americana from the Savannah Music Festival. You can download full albums in 128Kbps or 258Kbps MP3 or original CD-quality Flac format; the latter is better quality and slightly more expensive.


A niche concern rather than a mainstream iTunes rival, LiveDownloads is a great place to find hidden gems.