Google Music preview

While you can argue that Google offers de facto IaaS style storage with Gmail and Google Docs, Google doesn't offer, despite many rumours, a Gdrive.

What Google does offer is a music storage service. Unlike the other services, though, Google doesn't give you a fix amount of storage space. Instead, you can it to store up to 20,000 songs. On the Google Music web page, Google provides a counter to let you know how close you are to hitting your limit. At an estimated 5 MB a song, that works out to about 20 GB of storage. The cost? Nada.

Google Music playback is available via a web browser on any PC and on Android devices with the Google Music App. You can play your Google Music tracks on any number of PCs and up to eight Android devices. However, you can only listen to them on one PC or device at a time. To upload music, you must use Google Music Manager, which is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

You will also be able to buy music from the new Google Music Store.


Google Music's cloud service is a beta service, though what isn't, at Google, but it's worked well for me.