BT Vision combines Freeview content with TV programmes, films and music, and can be 'rented' by BT Total Broadband users.

The service uses a V-Box to offer Freeview content that can be paused in real time and recorded to memory. The V-Box also connects to a BT Home Hub, allowing you access to a range of movies, TV shows and music. This includes content from 4oD.

There's a one-off connection fee of £30 (it costs £60 to have an engineer install it for you). You can then subscribe to various packages, such as sport or entertainment, from £4 per month. Alternatively, content can be rented on a pay-as-you-go basis, with prices starting from 79p. It will expire after 24 hours, but can be watched as many times as you like within that time frame.

There's no high-definition content available on BT Vision yet but this will be available soon.

BT Vision also offers a download store that can be accessed from your PC, offering a range of content with has no expiration date. Prices start at 49p for music, £1.99 for TV shows and £5.99 for films.

With TV and movies, you get two files to download. One is designed for your PC, while the other is a specially formatted file that's suitable for use on a personal media player. Some downloads even feature the option of having a DVD of the content posted to you as well, so you can watch it on any PC or home entertainment system.


For subscribers to BT Broadband, getting BT Vision is the most obvious and straightforward way to enjoy TV on your PC. What's more, this is one of the first services that also adds the ability to watch anything delivered via your broadband pipe on a telly.