is a music-streaming site with a difference, it turns web users into DJs or music curators. Essentially, you choose a set of songs that becomes your own internet radio station with a personalised URL designed to be shared on social networks including Facebook and Twitter, or with other users.

Once you've signed up, you can begin to ‘blip’ tracks, this involves selecting a song to which you can add a 150 character message. The more you blip, the bigger your playlist gets. Not only can you share your radio station on Twitter and Facebook, you can also share it with other Blip users. If another member likes your song choice then they can give you ‘props’ or a token of respect. gives each user 10 credits to begin with. These can be used to give ‘props’ to (applaud the good taste of) other DJs. The more such compliments you get, the more credits you earn. You can also add other DJs to your favourites and listen to their radio stations. The tracks cover all genres from rock to pop and even classical. There’s even a number of live versions available through the site.

OUR VERDICT's collection covers all genres from rock to pop and classical. Live versions of some tracks are also available. Great for music lovers who fancy themselves as susperstar DJs.