Amie Street uses an algorithm to calculate prices based on demand: all songs start free and rise in price up to 99c (63p) depending on how frequently they are downloaded.

You can earn credits by RECing (Amie Street's term for recommending) songs you think will be a hit. Whenever a song you've RECed goes up in price, you earn free credit.

Amie Street offers around 1.5 million MP3s from a dizzying number of genres and artists, from lesser-known figures such as Dennis Driscoll to big-name bands such as Pavement and of Montreal.

The quality of files on Amie Street varies from between 192 and 320Kbps because the site sells music from independent artists as well as record labels, so quality depends on the content source.

We found Amie Street easy to use and could browse its catalogue by genre, new release, the Amie Street Top 25, promoted artists and recommendations based on our listening history.

If your order is below $3 (£2), Amie Street will charge that sum to your credit/debit card or PayPal account and automatically give you the remaining balance as credit.


An interesting, if small, take on the music download site, Amie Street offers bargains for music hunters.