Soundbooth CS4 can transcribe spoken passages in a project to text, letting you navigate through projects by clicking words in the transcript.

The original Soundbooth, which debuted with Adobe CS3, lacked features audio pros require in an audio editor. Adobe Soundooth CS4 provides some of those features as well as supplying some intriguing new capabilities.

Specifically, the update brings nondestructive, multitrack editing to Adobe Soundooth CS4; allows you to add more than one AutoCompose score to a single project; lets you create restore points you can later return to; automatically matches volumes to balance loud and soft sections; and attempts to transcribe spoken passages in a project to text. You can then use that text to navigate through a project by clicking on words in the transcript.

All of these features are covered in greater detail in the first look at the Adobe Soundbooth CS4 beta (click here).

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Adobe Soundbooth CS4 maintains the application's ease-of-use, making it appropriate for content creators who have had little experience with audio editors, while adding enough features to entice those with more-advanced audio editing needs.