The idea behind the app Pulse, is that it is a one stop shop for all your favourite sites on the internet. Pulse will gather all of your favourite site's news stories and display thumbnails to give you a quick overview of what's happening in your world. Which is perfect for whether you are on a quick break and want a snapshot of your world at large, or if you want to want to do some serious surfing and don't know where to start.

When you first open up the Pulse app for Android, there is a lot to get your head around. Your first impression is that the app is incredibly busy and and unruly, but if you resist the urge to exit the app and delete it straight away, you just might like it... and use it every day.

The app comes preloaded with a bunch of generic sites that unless you are the extremely middle of the road person that they've tailored these suggestions for, you are going to want to get rid of and start personalising it to suit your browsing interests. These sites can be arranged in order of your preference very easily and can be organised into further genres by creating new tabs at the top of the page. Credit has to be given to this app for the ease of usage, as setting up and configuring Pulse is a piece of cake.

Although there are now almost a billion apps and sites that collect all your social media feeds in once place, the way Pulse does it is in my opinion the right way. Instead of displaying all of the feeds in one big feed that confuses the hell out of you, Pulse displays all your social media on one page, but importantly it keeps each of the news feeds separate, which means you can get a quick overview of your social media and not get confused as to where it's all coming from.

It's not all one big honeymoon though and as I've been using this app for a little while now and I've started to find there are one or two things about Pulse that are a little irritating and are in need of some work. First of all, is the way that all of the stories images are grainy and pixelated,  not a big drama I know, but it just makes the app feel cheap and what's worse it makes the story it is linking to look low rent too, so you end up not clicking on it. Secondly, is that there seems to be no uniform or set style in the way each story is pretend. Some come with a grainy picture and five words, whereas others comes in just a black box with 25 words.


All in all though, it's a nice inoffensive app that beavers away collecting all your favourite news stories for you and asks for nothing back in return. It's definitely worth a download if you want a rejuvenated way of surfing your favourite website bookmarks.