You'll need to check compatibility, of course, but ALK has been in the PDA and smartphone mapping game for years and CoPilot Live supports Windows Mobile devices as well as Symbian S60 handsets. This includes many Nokia devices, the O2 XDA Orbit II, the Samsung Omnia and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1.

We tested the CoPilot Live software on the HTC Touch HD and were impressed with its speed, accuracy and the fact it costs just £39.

The CoPilot Live software downloads directly on to your handset and is ready to go almost immediately, unlike the Navigator software on the Nokia handset. The HTC's integrated GPS correctly identified our location with a couple of minutes and we were then able to start creating a route. We had the choice of entering an address, a GPS location, a point of interest or co-ordinates - great for walkers and other adventurous types - pick a point on a map or the address of a contact stored on our phone.

Route calculation takes less than a minute with CoPilot Live and we loved the fact we were able to preview the route, both the audio and visual section of the navigation, before we started driving, or walking.

Nor were we kept hanging around if we strayed from the suggested route: CoPilot Live took just a few seconds to reposition itself and provide new routing information. A marker with a moving arrow showed the direction to travel in, with the direction of the next turn shown at the bottom left of the screen. Distance travelled and time remaining for the journey are also always shown.

There are plenty of ways to customise the routes CoPilot Live gives you. You can specify routes for driving or walking, whether you want to avoid motorways, and the points of interest you want displayed.

There's even a selection of male and female voices to give vocal guidance and you can also adjust how far in advance you want warning about turns.

CoPilot Live also offers speed camera warnings through a beep, a spoken alert and an image of a camera and the speed limit of the road you're travelling on displayed on screen. Using the internet connection on the phone, CoPilot Live can also allow users to check the latest weather information and even conduct live local searches without leaving the software.


CoPilot Live is accurate and quick to calculate GPS position and routes. Installing on the HTC Touch HD only improved the experience as visual routes were displayed on the 3.8in screen. It’s great value for money too.