HTC One mini 2 review: Software

HTC One mini 2 software blinkfeedAnyone upgrading from an older HTC phone will have to get accustomed to on-screen buttons – no longer do they sit below the display. The firm says this is to be in-keeping with the latest versions of Android. It's a small change and it's pretty easy to get used to even if you prefer the old style.

The HTC One mini 2 comes pre-loaded with Android 4.4.2 KitKat and HTC's Sense version 6.0 – the same as the flagship M8. Sense has always been a decent Android overlay/skin and the latest edition is no exception. It's clean, stylish and easy to use.

BlinkFeed is HTC's news and social media aggregation which takes up an entire homescreen panel. Luckily, if you're not a fan you can simply remove it.

It's a shame that the Motion Launch Gestures found on the M8 are nowhere to be seen on the One mini 2. These make life easier allowing you to switch the phone on with a double tap or use a swipe gesture to go straight to BlinkFeed. HTC has got to differentiate between the One mini 2 and the flagship M8 somehow and this is one of the ways it's chosen.

Customisation options do remain though - namely via different themes which change elements like the wallpaper and highlight colour which appears throughout the interface. You can also select or download system fonts (we like the retro LCD) and choose which notifications are flagged up by the notification light.  

HTC One mini 2 review: Battery life

Battery life is on a par with most of the latest Android handsets, which is to say that it easily lasts a day. You might even find it carries on well into the next day if you’re not using it too heavily and hammering the 3G or 4G connection.


The HTC One mini 2 is one of the better examples of a mid-ranged version of a flagship smartphone. It has the same premium feel as the M8 with only a few downgrades - namely a lower res screen and no Duo Camera or IR blaster. The camera is a little disappointing but good performance and software balance things out.