HTC One mini 2 review

It's now a tradition to launch a smaller and cheaper version of flagship smartphones and that's exactly what HTC has done with the One M8. So here's our full in-depth HTC One mini 2 review.

HTC One mini 2 review: UK price

If you can't afford the HTC One M8 then the One mini 2 is more likely to be within your budget. It's available for a middle of the road £359 which we think is a good price for what you get. It's still not as cheap as the Nexus 5 though which has some more impressive hardware, albeit in a plastic shell.

It terms of rival mini phones, Samsung hasn't announced the price of the Galaxy S5 mini and there's no LG G3 mini or Sony Xperia Z2 Compact just yet.

HTC One mini 2 review: Design and build

The One mini 2 is, as you would expect, smaller than the flagship M8. But not by much, shaving around 5 mm off the width and 10 mm from the height. That is enough to make it a more manageable phone, though, especially on the one-handed front.

It's a reasonable amount lighter at 137 g which is a nice weight for a smartphone. However, it is a little thicker at 10.6 mm against 9.4 mm. It's a little taller than other phones with the same screen size but it does have front-facing stereo speakers.

Dimensions aside, the HTC One mini 2 retains the design and style of the M8 but in a smaller package. It importantly has the same premium brushed metal rear cover which looks and feels great. The cover doesn't run right round to the front of the phone like the M8 so instead there is a plastic band running around the edge.

This didn't look so great on the original HTC One mini but it's tucked away fairly nicely on the One mini 2 so that you don't really notice it. It had to be slightly lower grade than the M8 in this department somehow but HTC has done a great job of keeping that high-end feel.

A very minor caveat is that the phone rocks from side to side when you use it placed on a flat surface due to the curved back.

HTC One mini 2 gold

The smartphone is available in three different colours: Gunmetal Gray, Glacial Silver and Amber Gold. The Gold model is, at the time of writing, exclusive at EE. Unfortunately, there's no sign of the Dot View case which we particularly like on the M8.

HTC remains as one of the smartphone makers to not bother with dust- or waterproof certification for its devices. So don't go dunking the HTC One mini 2. It's worth pointing out that the device takes a nano-SIM which is a rarity for smartphones still.

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