The Vauxhall Adam is one of the most customisable cars on the market with different colour options, roofs, seats, interiors, wheels and more. It might not look like it, but it can also be packed full of nifty technology. Here we review the IntelliLink infotainment system and Advanced Park Assist optional upgrades.

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Once you've spent hours deciding how you want your Adam to look, it's time to choose which technology add-ons you wish. There are a few to choose from and we've been testing them out to help you make a decision.

There are three Adam models to choose from; the Jam, the Glam and the Slam. No matter which one you opt for it will come with City mode as standard. Hit the button on the dash and the steering wheel will become as light as a feather. This makes driving around town easier but is particularly handy when parking or making a tight manoeuvre. Just make sure you turn it off when you hit the motorway!

Vauxhall Adam review

Vauxhall Adam review: Advanced Park Assist

You can add parking distance sensors for an £275 but this is hardly exciting. What is far more interesting and includes the aforementioned is Advanced Park Assist. Using ultrasonic sensors place around the car (see above), the Adam can find a parking space and help you manoeuvre into to.

It's capable of a bay or parallel park and once a space has been found, the screen instructs you on when to stop, which gear to use and how much to move. Like magic, the steering wheel will move all on its own.

Vauxhall Adam review Advanced Park Assist

The caveat is that the space has to be between two cars, although this is arguably when you need the help most. In general we found the feature pretty good, when it can find a space which didn't always happen. It also includes Blind Spot Detection which is handy for any driver. An orange light on the wing mirrors will light up whenever a vehicle is positioned in your blind spot.
£450 for this futuristic feature seems reasonable to us.

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