Uniross' USB Charger Performance is a black plastic battery charger powered by a spare USB port. It features an unusual and slightly fiddly design that involves sliding the bottom of the unit downwards to insert the batteries into the charger.

The Uniross USB Charger Performance charger also comes with a black plastic cap that covers the USB connector, although this will be easy to lose.

The Uniross USB Charger Performance features a green LED that indicates charging. However, this remains solid and doesn't indicate when the batteries are fully charged. Nor is there any notice when a charge is complete.

Instead, the Uniross USB Charger Performance offers a red ‘test' LED which when will light up if any charge remains in the batteries - although it doesn't indicate how much. We found the only way to discover whether the batteries had any charge was to keep unplugging the device and checking to see if the red LED lit up.

Uniross claims AAA batteries will charge in 5 hours while AA can take anywhere from 13 to 23 hours.

These claims tallied with our findings – after five hours of charging, two AAA batteries were able to power a digital camera for as long as we'd expect from alkaline equivalents – but don't compare well with the considerably quicker Energizer USB Charger.


The price tag is low, but, we were unimpressed by the Uniross USB Charger Performance charger. The unit feels flimsy in comparison to the Energizer, it’s slow at charging and it refuses to give any indication when batteries are ready to go. Overall, we’re reluctant to recommend this device.