From Silverstone in Germany comes the Silverstone Noble Breeze NB01, a smart notebook stand and cooler, designed to raise a laptop for more ergonomic use on a desktop, as well as provide quiet fan cooling.

The Silverstone Noble Breeze NB01 is built around a sturdy all-aluminium extrusion smartly anodised in black, with three 92mm fans pointing up towards the underside of a mounted laptop.

The bottom and sides of the Silverstone Noble Breeze NB01 unit are finished in a metal mesh, helping to hide the internal wiring that connects the fans together while providing maximum possible airflow under and through the stand.

Around the back are two USB ports, with one used to connect the Silverstone Noble Breeze NB01 to the laptop to provide the fan's power, while the second acts as a repeater so that you don't lose out on a USB port. In our tests, this spare port still provided enough power to use USB memory sticks.

The Silverstone Noble Breeze NB01 stand itself is designed to support laptops up to 15.4in screen size, although a large model could still sit on it if you don't mind some overhang. A deep ledge at its front stops your computer sliding down from the stand's 12 degree slope, and here we found a problem when using the test notebook.

An Apple MacBook Pro has a front-loading slot drive, and perched on the Silverstone Noble Breeze NB01, it was not possible to insert or eject optical discs without first lifting the laptop by hand.

And while the all-metal construction might additionally assist cooling through conduction, in the example of a metal-cased notebook there is also the tendency for scratching and marking of the notebook's case through metal-to-metal contact every time it's placed on the Silverstone Noble Breeze NB01.