The Energizer Rechargeable USB battery charger features a funky blue-and-silver plastic casing to hold either two AA or AAA batteries for charging.

It comes with a 20cm lead that wraps around the base during storage. A USB connector, located on the end of the Energizer Rechargeable USB's cable, fits into the USB port on PC for charging.

A green LED blinks to indicate charging, and is solid when charge is complete. According to Energiser, two AA batteries will charge within 2.8 hours while two AAA batteries take 1.9 hours. We found two AAA cells charged fully in just over 1.5 hours.

An Energizer Rechargeable USB widget for PC or Mac is available from to display on the desktop the remaining charging time. This also shows a warning when bad batteries are inserted into the charger.

Once charging was complete, the widget, which we had running in the background, opened itself up and displayed ‘Done' to indicate the batteries were fully charged. Unfortunately there's no way to identify how much charge remains in the batteries, using either the Energizer Rechargeable USB charger itself or widget.

Once charged with the Energizer Rechargeable USB, we used the batteries in a digital alarm clock and found they gave us the same number of hours use as traditional non-rechargeable batteries.


If you're prone to leaving your PC on for long periods of time and don't have a spare plug socket, the Energizer Rechargeable USB battery recharger is ideal. The downloadable widget adds extra value to a straightforward product.