The Dicota LadyAllure Pink laptop bag will appeal to those girls (and boys) who like pink. But only to those.

Being the UK's leading IT reviews site, PC Advisor has long been a regular recipient of pink PC-related products aimed at women.

From pink iPod cases to a shocking pink wireless laptop mouse, we've seen them all.

Pink is an acquired taste or course, but as your reviewer is partial to a bit of pink, the Dicota LadyAllure Pink laptop bag immediately appealed to our girly nature.

Measuring 420x335x115mm, the Dicota LadyAllure Pink is designed to hold laptops up to 15.4in. The leather-look bag (which is also available in Beige and Black if you're not prepared to show off your girly side) is made from Koskin, which can be wiped clean and is perfectly complemented by silver zips and a pale lining, ensuring we had no problems finding our keys at the bottom of our bag.

The Dicota LadyAllure Pink benefits from two internal and two external pockets as well as two large shoulder straps. We had no problems slipping a 15.4in laptop into the padded internal pocket, and with a flap and Velcro tabs, the laptop was snug and secure.

Unfortunately, we felt the shoulder straps were slightly uncomfortable if the Dicota LadyAllure Pink was worn for long periods of time and the handles were also slightly too big to successfully carry the bag in the crook of our arm - it kept bashing into our legs.

We did like the LadyAllure Pink's extra - a small zipped make-up pouch complete with pink faux leather backed mirror, which is attached to one of the internal pockets by a key-chain style fastening.

However we're not sure that the Dicota LadyAllure Pink warranted its £69.99 price tag or what to make of the fact that the LadyAllure Pink is £10 more expensive than its sister version in black and beige.


While we adore the colour and the make up purse, we think the Dicota LadyAllure Pink would have benefitted from padded handles and a couple of smaller zipped compartments for stashing valuables. And we certainly don't think the bag warrants its expensive price tag.