The Case Logic Messenger is a lightweight shoulder bag that's designed to hold laptops up to 15in in size, but not a lot more.

Lined with a felt interior and exterior, the bag has a padded laptop compartment and two other pockets - one at the rear, and one underneath the front flap. A separate pouch to hold USB flash drives is attached to the front of the bag by a metal cable.

But other than providing space for magazines and laptop accessories, you won't be able to cram much else inside it. Two magnetic closures keep the front flap secured, but it can be a push to get the magnets to meet if you slightly overfill the bag.

That said, the Case Logic Messenger isn't designed as an all-purpose laptop bag for road warriors with books, clothes and gadgets galore. Rather, it's a bag for those who carry their laptop on short journeys each day - to and from work, for example. But at £59.99, it's on the pricey side.


Slim and stylish, the Case Logic Messenger is a decent travel companion for those who prefer to travel light. But at £59, it's on the pricey side.