23 UK healthtech startups to watch


Healthtech is a vast sector spanning biotech, life sciences and medtech. A healthtech startup could be developing consumer-facing apps to help book NHS appointments, better technology for clinician workflows or even using machine learning to work through genomics data to boost drug discovery programmes.

Back in 2014 the then-mayor of London Boris Johnson launched MedCity, a joint programme between academic powerhouses Imperial, Kings College London, UCL, Oxford and Cambridge universities to build a life sciences cluster in south-east England.

At the time Johnson hit upon the diversity of the sector, saying: "Together with Oxford and Cambridge we form a 'golden triangle' of scientific innovation and we need to channel that intellectual pre-eminence into a positive impact on our economy. MedCity will span everything from research to clinical trials to manufacturing, across biotech, medtech and healthtech."

The current mayor Sadiq Khan has also backed healthtech with the digitalhealth.london accelerator scheme, which is helping 32 companies design technology solutions for the NHS.

Here are some of the UK's healthtech startups to watch...

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