Best crowdfunding websites 2018


Crowdfunding has helped get numerous ground-breaking projects off the ground - a giant Lionel Richie head, a Pi-shaped pie dish and a portion of potato salad (inspirational work) included.

But although sometimes an incubator for the absurd, crowdfunding has helped many solid business ideas, from big to small, get the funding they need. The democratic nature of crowdfunding sites means that the most popular ideas gain traction, while less exciting propositions sink to the bottom.  

Crowdfunding database,, estimates the value of the crowdfunding market in the US alone at $2.1 billion. It’s an increasingly appealing route for young businesses to get their ideas off the ground and initially bypass VCs and angel investors.

But which crowdfunding website should you choose? With so many, it’s hard to know which one is best. Each site operates a little differently, offering different perks and charging different fees.

Here, we list some of the most exciting sites for potential entrepreneurs.

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