Laptops for business


More and more it seems extravagant to use a massive, power-hungry desktop for general office tasks, especially when there are so many capable portable computers to choose. From slinky netbooks that slip easily into briefcase or bag, to desktop replacements sporting some serious power, laptops have come a long way since chunky early models too heavy to lift, let alone carry around.

Here's a selection of the latest and greatest models for your perusal. Remember, things move fast in the mobile world, and with Microsoft releasing a version of Windows 7 specifically tailored for netbooks and small portables, the market may look very different in a few months. Even the mighty Microsoft may see a challenge in the laptop arena, with open source new operating systems like Google's Chrome and Intel's Moblin just around the corner.

For an in depth look at the products featured, check out our Laptops for business review.


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