UK edtech startups to watch


Education technology - Edtech - is one of the UK's fastest growing sectors. It accounts for four percent of all digital companies, according to The Education Foundation.

In fact, recent figures show that the global spend on the Edtech sector will continue to grow at seven percent annually. The Edtech sector was worth £45 billion in 2015, but is expected to grow to £128 billion by 2020, according to JISC.

This is partly due to the increasing demand for tech in the classroom, with schools across the UK spending close to £900 million on edtech each year to leverage learning, according to the Guardian.

As a result, 1,200 edtech companies - a quarter of Europe's total - are based in the UK, and the sector is growing 22 percent year on year, says bi-monthly magazine Education Technology.

Here are some of the most innovative UK edtech startups.

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