BlackBerry travel apps: 10 must-have downloads



Gone are the days of packing multiple books and magazines into cramped seat-back pockets on airplanes; bye-bye piles of awkwardly folded road-maps lining your car's back-seat; forget compact disc and clunky CD players. Your BlackBerry is all these things and more squeezed into one sleek little—if mildly addictive—package.

Since the introduction of BlackBerry App World, Research In Motion's (RIM) mobile application store, a flood of BlackBerry software has saturated the web in every category imaginable, including the travel space. Today, the challenge for BlackBerry users is no longer simply finding apps for your smartphone, but determining which ones are worth the space in your BlackBerry's application memory. That's where I come in. The following 10 downloads are the crème of the travel-app-crop; Why mess with the rest?


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