Startup killers: Accel Partners investor Fred Destin reveals why startups die and how you can keep yours alive


Accel Partners is a venture capital firm with up to $8.8 billion (£5.7 billion) at its disposal to back startups with. In recent years it has cashed in on the successes of fast-growing companies like Kayak, QlikTech and Supercell but not all of its portfolio companies survive. In fact, approximately a third of the companies that it invests in end up going out of business. 

Here, Fred Destin, a partner based out of the firm's London office in Mayfair, reveals what causes startups to fail in their first two years and how cofounders can avoid the pitfalls. 

Startups are a continuous experiment in search of product and market fit. Investors look at team, technology and traction. We’re trying to find companies that concentrate and have capital that can have an impact on the fund.


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