The strangest sights in Google Earth: Part II



In the olden days, the ancients recognised Seven Wonders of the World; but thanks to Google Earth, you can now spot thousands of "I wonder what it is" head scratchers. Among the new wonders: a 1-square-mile painting of a cowboy's head, a giant cruise ship parked between skyscrapers, and places that look, well, not of this world.

Three years ago, when we originally attempted to identify The Strangest Sights in Google Earth, we thought we'd seen them all. But in reality, we were just getting started. Here we've collected more Google Earth mysteries. By clicking the links provided with each slide you can visit each sighting in Google Maps. But for better viewing results, we encourage you to visit the destinations in Google's free mapping software Google Earth. We've included the coordinates in parenthesis next to each sighting so you can cut and paste those coordinates into Google Earth's 'Fly To' box. We've also created a "zoom to image" option for other Google Earth images mentioned in the slideshow text, so you can view sites without leaving the slideshow. Enjoy your trip!


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