Inside Cisco's newest data centre



Cisco bet big on its UCS products for data centers, and now it's going "all in" with a massive, resilient and green data centre built on that integrated blade architecture. 

In fact, the company as a whole is migrating to the year-old Unified Computing System, Cisco's bold entree into the world of computing, as fast as possible. Plans call for 90% of Cisco's total IT load to be serviced by UCS within 12 to 18 months.   

The strategy is most evident in the new data centre the company is just now completing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (exact location masked for security) to complement a data center already in the area.

Texas DC2, as Cisco calls it, is ambitious in its reliance on UCS, but it is also forward leaning in that it will use a highly virtualised and highly resilient design, act as a private cloud and boast many green features. Oh and it's very cool.