Women in tech: The best female-led tech meetups in the UK


It’s not easy being a woman in the tech industry. For starters, we’re grossly underrepresented.

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According to PwC, women make up only 15% of all STEM careers. That number drops dramatically when you look at the amount of females in top paying positions.

So, how can we counteract this glaring diversity issue and counteract the perceived “Brogrammer” culture? By making the industry more open and inclusive. Women all around the world are rallying together to gain insights, network with their peers and create support systems.

As a result a growing number of groups have emerged in order to meet this need. These meetup groups organise various different events from weekend brunches to mid-week networking get-togethers.

If you’re working in the tech sector and would like some help and guidance (or just the chance to meet some like-minded people) then why don’t you check one out. Here are our favourite tech meetups for women.

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