Programming languages you should try


If you're a newbie to programming, it might make sense to start with a language like Scratch or HTML. But once you’ve got to grips with the basics, there are a vast array of languages you can start learning. The problem is, there are so many to choose from and each has its own purpose.

There's a reason why programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP and C# are so popular. They are simply the best at what they do and continue to be in high demand from employers. However, there are plenty of scruffy, but innovative programming languages that can provide heaps of value to a developer. 

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Predicting which languages will eventually rise to the top of the charts is difficult, of course, and a lot of the languages listed will have been around for a while and even be in use by many, but all are continuing to grow in popularity outside of the top few.

Here are programming languages that look set to play a bigger role within businesses in coming years.

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