Where are all the tech R&D jobs? Top 10 UK software firms ranked by number of researchers


VC firm Truffle Capital has ranked the top 100 European software companies in order of revenue from software and services. We’ve taken a look at the UK companies that have made the list and ranked them according to the size of their R&D workforce.

According to the research, the UK is only the third best country in Europe in which to find an R&D job.

Software firms in Germany lead the board with 23,085 R&D employees, followed by France (11,409) and the UK (6,887). However, R&D employees in the UK make up just 10.8 percent of companies’ total employees, compared with Germany’s (37.7 percent). SAP is the largest employer of R&D staff, with 17,804 in 2013.

In terms of R&D budgets, UK software firms invest 12.4 percent of their budget in R&D, totalling 859.3 million. This is far behind German firms’ 2,889 million investment, 41.8 percent of the total.