How driverless cars could change Britain forever


In 2017, then-Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond claimed that driverless cars could be on UK roads as soon as 2021. Speaking with the BBC, Hammond said: "Some would say that's a bold move, but we have to embrace these technologies if we want the UK to lead the next industrial revolution."

Critics argue that the advanced technology needed to create the totally driverless cars (requiring no safety attendant on board) which the former chancellor refers to is still a long way off. 

However, with Jaguar Land Rover - the UK's largest car manufacturer - investing in the technology and even trialling cars on public roads, the UK seems perched in a good place to continue its driverless car journey.

The pull of driverless cars is huge, largely because they are far less likely to be involved in an accident as well as being cheaper and more reliable. But the changes they promise go far beyond the cars themselves.

Cars brought huge social change in their wake; driverless cars will be no different.