MWC 2013: Techworld's top 10 BYOD gadgets


As always, this year's Mobile World Congress was awash with shiny new gadgets aimed at people who want to bridge the divide between their home and work lives. This means a device that is secure, powerful and robust, while still being aesthetically pleasing and providing the graphics capabilities needed for HD video and gaming.

As the show draws to a close, Techworld is taking a look back at some of the devices that we think adequately serve the needs of the mobile worker, while still awakening the appropriate levels of lust. While the list of device vendors is broad, there is remarkably little variation on the operating system side – nine out of ten are Android. 

This is partly because Apple does not deign to attend MWC, and Nokia is still the only smartphone manufacturer that has really committed to Windows Phone OS. BlackBerry also scaled down its presence at this year's show, following the launch of its new operating system and flagship Z10 smartphone last month.

But compiling this list has really brought home how few options mobile device manufacturers currently have when it comes to choosing a software platform. With any luck, the arrival of Mozilla's Firefox OS and Canonical's Ubuntu for mobile will change all that before next year's MWC, but those platforms have a seriously long way to go before they can stand a chance of competing with the big boys.

So for now we must content ourselves with what we have – and while the software is pretty same-y, there is a lot to love about the specs of some of these devices. The GSMA predicts that mobile will drive the next billion internet connections, so it's probably a good moment to choose your weapon.