Google Glass wearers - hot or not?


A manager at Hewlett-Packard's New Ventures division has warned people not to wear Google Glass on a first date - at least, not if they want to ensure they get a second. 

Silicon Valley-based Ray Edwards used Wearable World's Glazed conference in East London to make his feelings on the £1,000 augmented reality headset’s appearance known, before going on to outline which bit of the wearables market HP wants to focus on. 

The New Ventures division, which looks for the future's most promising technologies, took aim at wearable devices like Google Glass and Apple Watch after flying across the Atlantic to make his presentation. 

He said: “When you look at the appeal of Google Glass…would you wear it on a date? Probably not. And, if you did, you probably wouldn’t get a second date.”

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