The Internet of Things at home: 17 of the best smart products that could change your life and your home



17 great IoT gadgets that will help transform your home into a smart home. Read on for 17 smart IoT products that could change your life and your home.

The so-called Internet of Things is more than a buzzword, much more than a marketing slogan. After a slow-burn birth, the world of connected devices is real, with genuine real-life humans signing up for an array of smart-home devices. With a minimum of effort you can use a smartphone to control all the white goods and entertainment devices in your home. And with the likes of Nest and Hive being given away by British Gas and the other utilities companies, such futuristic endeavour is becoming the norm.

And yet the IoT remains a nascent industry. A wild-west of differing platforms and standards. Here we cut through the filth to bring you 17 of the best smart home IoT products. Gadgets that will make your life easier and - yes - cooler, as well as warming you up on a cold night. Enjoy. (See also: 18 best mobile app development tools.)

Do let us know if we have missed any great products you think we should feature.