More than a third (37 percent) of respondents to a PC Advisor poll said they continue to use Windows XP, turning their noses up at Microsoft's more recent Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

Asked 'Which operating systems do you use?', 31.4 percent said they use XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), the most recent update to the venerable platform; the remaining 5.6 percent use SP2 or earlier. Microsoft has confirmed that it will cease actively supporting SP2 in mid-July.

Of Microsoft's newer programs, last year's Windows 7 was considerably more popular, with a 30.6 percent share.

Windows Vista, by comparison, was named by just 16.4 percent of respondents; 14.5 percent run the newest Vista SP2, while the remaining 1.9 percent are on Vista SP1 or have not installed a service pack at all.

But XP seems to be as far back as most people are willing to go. Just 1.8 percent of respondents selected 'Windows (all other versions)'.

The remaining votes were made up by Linux (7 percent), the various versions of Mac OS (6.4 percent) and 'Other' (0.8 percent).

Based on 1561 votes, 6 July 2010. Click here to vote. Alternatively, join the discussion on PC Advisor's forums.