Data recovery provider Kroll Ontrack, today announced it is the first company able to perform data recovery services on VMware systems.

The company said that folders and files, on all types of virtual systems, could now be recovered with their newly-developed proprietary technology, providing businesses a viable resource when data loss occurs in these environments.

With the growing popularity of virtualisation, Kroall said it was now critical for businesses to cover data loss in their disaster recovery plans to ensure quick recovery and effectively avoid a costly halt to business activity.

"The number of virtual environment jobs has increased ten fold over last year," said Adrian Briscoe, general manager, Asia Pacific, Kroll Ontrack. "When virtual infrastructure data loss occurs, identifying the cause and recovering the data is very complex. This requires deep expertise and extensive knowledge of VMware environments."

Virtualisation is a software technology that is transforming the IT landscape and the computing experience. While most of today's computing hardware was designed to only run one operating system at a time, virtualisation helps businesses overcome this limitation by allowing a single system to run several operating systems simultaneously, increasing its usage and flexibility.

With virtualisation, users of VMware software can save time, money and resources while optimizing and rationalising their IT infrastructure. These advantages and savings explain the growing rate of virtualisation in business environments.

While there are space-saving, environmental and cost benefits to virtualization and server consolidation, centralising all data in one place can leave businesses vulnerable to experiencing substantial data loss. The rise in virtualised environments paired with instances of physical or operating system failure during configuration has lead to a significant spike in the amount of virtual environment recovery requests.