Managed-security services provider Catbird has announced security software for VMware that adds intrusion prevention, vulnerability monitoring and access control to the virtual machine package.

Catbird's V-Agent runs as "guest" software in the VMware hypervisor in order to monitor and protect the VM and the other software-based "guest" applications from unauthorised access, according to Catbird's chief technology officer Michael Berman.

The V-Agent can track activity between guests, between guests and the hypervisor, and between guests and the external network. If V-Agent spots unauthorised activity in a monitored virtual machine, it will send an alert or page to the network manager, Berman said.

Stanford Federal Credit Union has been testing Catbird V-Agent on its VMware-based virtual machine servers. Internal testing has shown that V-Agent recognises unauthorised software on VMware and can block specific attacks, though there have been instances of false positives, said Andrew Voorhies, IT manager of the credit union.

Catbird will be making the V-Agent available in August as part of its managed-security services portfolio, which includes Web Security and network Admission Control.