Security firm Kaspersky has joined the chorus arguing that, despite new security features, Windows Vista will need third-party security apps for long-term robust protection.

The company has published an article examining Vista’s new security features, and claims users and manageres cannot rely on them to protect their PCs.

Microsoft has enhanced security, with Vista features such as User Account Control, Patchguard and Internet Explorer 7’s security tools - all postive steps, but not enough to remove the need for third-party security software, according to Kaspersky’s Alisa Shevchenko,.

User Account Control, for exampole, prompts Vista users for a password whenever it detects suspicious activity. However the tool may classify harmless actions as suspicious, and Schevchenko warns that users may disable the alerts if they get flooded with password requests.

Despite the problems, Kaspersky said that Vista is “undoubtedly more secure than previous operating systems from Microsoft”.