Microsoft insiders have suggested that the underlying problems with Vista may be more complicated than the company has previously indicated.

Beta testers familiar with Microsoft's plans to release test versions of the OS said that although Microsoft has said Vista development has been delayed a few weeks, the date the OS will be released to manufacturers has been pushed back two months.

Instead of reaching manufacturers on 25 August, as originally scheduled, Vista will now be released to them on 25 October, sources said. The next community technology preview (CTP) release of Vista, which is the completion of the Beta 2 cycle, also has been moved to 24 May from its original release date of 12 April. Similarly, the first release candidate of Vista, originally set for mid-July, is now earmarked for 25 August.

Microsoft said it is on track to release the next CTP of Vista in the second quarter, but has not given a more specific date than that.

The Who da'punk blog from an alleged Microsoft employee, Mini-Microsoft, has added to the fun by suggesting that there should be a shake-up at the company, several alleged employees have added their comments suggesting that prominent names at Microsoft, including CEO Steve Ballmer, Jim Allchin, co-president of Microsoft's Platforms & Services division, and Brian Valentine, head of Microsoft's Core Operating System Division should be fired. There has already been one high-profile victim when Allchin was replaced by Steve Sinofsky.

However, Microsoft evangelist Robert Scoble has defended Microsoft's actions in his own Scobleizer blog, saying "We have been through product slips before ... and I’d rather have a slipped date than a cruddy product."