Windows Vista will be available January next year and cost $199, according to Amazon, which has started taking pre-orders of Microsoft's new operating system. lists 30 January 2007 as the shipping date for the OS and lists prices for the three consumer versions - Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate - as well as for Windows Vista Business edition. Pricing for upgrades is listed on the site.

According to, Windows Vista Home Basic will cost $199 for a new copy and $99.95 for an upgrade. Windows Vista Home Premium will sell for $239 for a new version and $159 for an upgrade. And Windows Vista Ultimate, the highest-end version of Vista for consumers, will cost $399 for a new copy and $259 for an upgrade. Windows Vista Business will cost $299, while an upgrade will sell for $199.

Microsoft has said it will make consumer versions of Vista available in January, but it has not given a specific date or announced prices for the various versions of the OS.

On Monday, Microsoft acknowledged that it inadvertently posted Canadian pricing for Vista on its Canadian website and then pulled the price list from the site when the information was noticed. Canadians are unlikely to be happy with the Amazon pricing however - when converted to US dollars, they will be paying on average $50 more for their versions of Vista.