Virtualisation management specialist Veeam Software has announced an update for Veeam Reporter 2.0 for VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3).

Veeam Reporter 2.0 collects information about a VI3 environment, its components and settings, and provides reports for analysis and documentation.

According to the company, Reporter, which integrates itself within VMware VirtualCenter and ESX Server, is aimed at ESX administrators, system integrators and data centre managers and allows administrators to discover a virtual infrastructure in between one and five minutes, compared with hours to do it manually.

New in version 2.0 is its ability to collect the details of ESX or VirtualCenter configurations and save them in a variety of file formats. For example, it uses Microsoft Visio for visualising and analysing the virtual infrastructure, Microsoft Excel for building lists of inventory and items such as a VM's IP address, and Word's ability to compare documents to track changes. It can also output to PDF for portability, distribution and archiving.

New too is the software's ability to report on activity by VMotion - VMware's technology for moving a running virtual machine from one server to another.

Veeam said Reporter 2.0 also offers improved views of VI3 configuration, networking and storage.

"Since its first release a few months ago, Veeam Reporter has become a very popular tool among ESX administrators and consultants," said Ratmir Timashev, Veeam Software president and CEO. " Veeam Reporter is an essential tool for developing a High Availability and VMotion strategy in an enterprise environment. The new version is built on customer feedback, and brings the product to the next level with new functionality and scalability."

Veeam Reporter 2.0 is available now and costs US$120 per CPU including the first year maintenance plan. Additional annual support is available at $20 per year per CPU. Volume discounts are available.