Tibco is set to offer a product for companies looking to move to a cloud computing model. The company will launch Silver, a new application delivery platform that Tibco claimed will meet the concerns that the enterprises have about the cloud. Silver will be introduced in beta on 30 June and made generally available early next year.

"When enterprises are asked why they don't move to the cloud, they cite three reasons: governance, portability and security" said Rourke McNamara, Tibco's director of product marketing. "With Silver, we've met all three of those concerns."

He said that the company had introduced automatic governance controls into Silver so that there was no need to do anything additional to implement a governance framework. And that to get over the portability hurdle, Silver would be based on two open standards - Java and Ruby. "Over the next few months, we will add additional languages such as .NET, C++ and Python which will be available when we take the product to GA next year."

In addition, McNamara said, the product will have what the company calls ‘self-aware elasticity' so that it will be able to add and remove capacity as and when it's needed, without the need to pre-order it."Silver will automatically understand the bandwidth requirements and provision the capacity that's required," said McNamara. This will extend to the management of SLAs by ensuring that additional resources can be deployed dynamically to ensure the SLA is met. He pointed out also that Silver would be able to set limits so that capacity would not expand indefinitely.

Initially, Silver will only be available on Amazon, although the company will offer it on other cloud providers. "We chose Amazon because we thought they got to this market first and were a bit further down the line than other suppliers," said McNamara. "We do hope to have at least one other supplier by the time of GA though." He said that Silver users would have to become Amazon customers and agree a separate deal with Amazon but that Silver would sit on top of Amazon and Tibco customers would only interact with Silver.

Despite its entry into the cloud computing market, Tibco will not be signing up for the Open Cloud Manifesto. "We believe in open standards," said McNamara. "And it's definitely to our advantage to pursue the use of open standards but we don't believe that the Open Cloud Manifesto is the right vehicle for that. The way that it was put forward as done deal means that it was not something done in an open fashion."

One thing that Tibco has not yet determined is the pricing model. McNamara said that the company was looking at all pricing options but had no firm ideas which way to go. "It's something we're going to look at while we're in beta" he said.