Taiwanese electronics company Tatung has entered the UK high-end server market with the launch of its own brand, Tatung Server. The new operation will market a wide range of PC, storage and blade servers, and hopes to capture up to 10 per cent of the market.

It is a tough market to crack, pitched directly against the likes of IBM and Dell, but Tatung believes its advanced technology and ability to increase price margins - along with a free three-day trial for UK customers - will make the launch successful.

Spokesman Peter Linton said the launch was happening now because the company had acquired UK distributor, Microtronica. It will acquire another two by the end of the year, he said, but refused to divulge which. "We recognise it will be difficult to take a market share, but we also feel as we have been a manufacturer for many years now, that there is no question of our quality."

According to Tatung, its products will be 10 to 15 per cent cheaper than the same package offered by IBM, for example, because it would knock off 30 per cent to its distributors. This is possible, it added, because its storage technology was the world’s first based on the new Opteron technology - using two Opteron processors per blade.

It confidently said a blade would be available for under £1,000.

"This market is based on getting as much power in as small a box as possible, and Tatung is ahead in terms of the technology for this market. We expect people like IBM will catch up within the next six months, but at the moment their products take more power and are not as power-efficient," Linton added.

The new dual Opteron blade will be launched next week.