SWsoft is unveiling a beta of the next generation of Virtuozzo 4.0, its OS-level server virtualisation software.

SWsoft's not giving much away about the new product, but said that new features include enhanced usability, high availability and management flexibility.

OS virtualisation technology is claimed to be faster and allow more VMs per server, according to SWsoft, because there's only one copy of the OS running which means VMs are smaller.

SWsoft is showing Virtuozzo 4.0 at VMworld this week, with a public beta available by the end of September, and general availability expected later this year.

"We have been ... running 25 or more Virtuozzo containers on a single server at speeds that rival that of real dedicated boxes, said Chris Stucker from AET Films. "Virtuozzo's high-density, great management tools, low overhead and simple setup have dramatically simplified our IT infrastructure by reducing OS and server sprawl and saved us thousands in hardware and operating costs. We're excited to use version 4.0's new high-availability and management enhancements to help us further drive productivity and efficiency in our data centre, and to foster even higher savings.

"Virtuozzo 4.0 is a major step forward in our mission to provide customers with a solution that addresses multiple key barriers to IT productivity - namely hardware and OS sprawl, manageability and uptime, said Serguei Beloussov, CEO of SWsoft. "With new enterprise-class capabilities such as clustering and real-time backups along with a host of new management and automation features, Virtuozzo is now the most effective path to a streamlined, automated data centre."