Sun has announced new additions to its server and workstation lines with the Sun Fire And Sun Ultra.

The company debuted Sun Netra blade servers and claimed a nearly 20 percent performance improvement for its Sun Fire workgroup servers. They will use Sun's own UltraSPARC IIIi processors and Solaris OS.

The new Ultra 25 Workstation has a 300-percent increase in performance, according to the company, and comes pre-installed with Solaris 10 OS, Sun Studio, Sun Java Studio Creator, and Sun Java Studio Enterprise. It also said the Sun Fire T1000 system now featured 23 percent higher availability and up to 300 percent higher performance for disk operations.

Sun will also announce "soon" new Sun Fire systems based on the Rev F version of AMD's Opteron processor.

A large product launch is scheduled to go ahead in New York later today in which Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz will "unveil innovations" across the Sun product line, according to the company.