Sun is its Sun Fire T2000 Niagara servers on "try before you buy" 60-day terms.

The offer was announced by president Jonathan Schwartz on his blog, and information on applying for the limited offer is on Sun's website. Customers will be able to test out the server with no obligation to buy for two months - although the offer is shorter than the 90-day promotion the company originally proposed when it launched the server.

The T2000 was released in early December. At the time of its launch, chief marketing officer Anil Gadre said both the T2000 and smaller T1000 servers would be available to customers and independent software vendor partners in "a very large" 90-day try-and-buy program. Sun also publicly made the same commitment on the day of the launch. While the T2000 is immediately available for purchase, Sun doesn't expect the T1000 to ship until March.

The reason for the shortening of the promotion period is unclear. But Sun did experience problems earlier this year in the volume of its "Galaxy" servers, powered by AMD's Opteron chips.

The T2000 server is based on Sun's multi-core, multi-threaded UltraSparc T1 processor. It is a 2U, 24.3-inch deep machine designed to handle application services and Web-tier consolidation.

Sun is offering three configurations as part of the promotion, one a six-core server and the other two are eight-core servers. At the end of the 60-day trial period, users have the option to keep the server.